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Quality Policy

     Quality assurance is very important for the service industry in order to render services to the satisfaction of the clients. In the highly competitive market, NOUKRI sticks to its policy of providing quality manpower to surpass the needs and expectations of its valued clients. There is no compromise on the eligibility of the candidate for the requisite position. We believe in building up a team of quality people who will prove their worthiness to be an asset to our clients which will ultimately ensure the benefits of all concerned i.e. the clients, candidates and us. Being in the service industry, our reputation and business mainly depend on adherence to these self formulated quality policies.

      Noukri believes in the concept of client and supplier working together in pursuing this policy and in continually striving for improvements in service quality.

      Success of any business lies on REPEAT ORDERS from the valuable customers. Noukri never believes in one-time assignments or association. With strict adherence to its quality policies and norms NOUKRI proudly claims that most of its clients are associated with NOUKRI for the past years and more.

      Identifying the manpower matching exactly to the needs of the client is the real test in the field of recruitment.

                 The quality policy is based on 3 fundamental principles:

  1. Ensuring that we fully identify and conform to the needs of our customers.
  2. Looking at our service provision processes, identifying the potential for        errors and taking the necessary action to eliminate them.  
  3. Everyone understanding how to do their job and doing it right first time.


      To ensure that the policy is successfully implemented, staff will be responsible for identifying customer requirements, and ensuring that the correct procedures are followed to meet those requirements.

       Objectives needed to ensure that the requirements of this policy are met and that continual improvement is maintained in line with the spirit of the policy, will be set, determined and monitored at Management Review.

      The quality policy principles and objectives will be communicated and available to staff at all times. Training will be an integral part of the strategy to achieve the objectives.

      Time management is the essence of our business. The prime aspect of the quality policy of Noukri is timely service to its clients. Timely deployment of candidates assures the satisfaction to both the clients and candidates. NOUKRI strongly believes that any delay in deployment of the candidates may hamper the projects of the clients and NOUKRI is very cautious to adhere to its time management policies.

      Formulating policies and delivering the services are important. But more important is to maintain it consistently and continuously. NOUKRI believes in maintaining its second to none services to its clients and candidates at all times.