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Future Training Plans

Once the in-house training is completed and all workers have successfully completed mandated hours of training, the facility will be utilized to cater to other government and private entities who wish to offer skills enhancement for their employees. The same training pattern and courses will be offered.

In order to provide training services, it would be ideal for us to get accreditation with a government body to achieve the status of becoming an authorized training centre. Courses to be offered will be designed and approved by a third party consultant specialized in industrial training.

Duration of the training:

Positions Duration
Carpenter/ Steel Fixer/Painter 30 days
Rigger/ Scafolder 30 days
Mason 45 days
Welder/ Pipe Fitter 60 days
Electrician/ Plumber 60 days
Ac Technician 60 days
Ass. Safety officer 90 days
HVAC Technician 90 days